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An editor can help you fine-tune your manuscript

Hardcopy editing with hand-marked corrections.

©2016 Ariel Mizrachi


  • Are you an entrepreneur or business professional who produces English-language business communication materials, promotional materials, or website content?

  • Are you a self-publishing author of a fiction or nonfiction book?  

  • Are you an academic student in the Humanities who has written an English-language college entrance essay, class paper, thesis, or dissertation?

  • Do you have general English-language personal documents, such as a cover letter and resume/CV, that need double checking?

  • Perhaps English is your second or third language?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you could use the services of a professionally trained copyeditor or proofreader. You've found me!

Typos, grammatical errors, and inconsistencies only confuse and weaken reader confidence, ultimately obscuring your message and potentially undermining your purposes.

Whether you are a native-English-speaking or an ESL/EFL (English as a Second or Foreign Language) author, I can help you fine-tune your writing so that your hard work is assessed on its merits, rather than its typos or a lack of clarity.

As a trained and skilled freelance copyeditor, I strive to ensure that your written work is polished, professional, and engaging.

My goal is to help you communicate your message effectively while maintaining your authorial voice.


Contact me today to get started! Or email me directly at

“Thank you, this is perfect and exactly what I needed. . . . Your comments are very meaningful and help me focus the content better.”

—Tamar Ozer, Senior Manager,
Tammuz Family International Surrogacy Agency

“Marveen is a pleasure to work with. She intuitively understands what is necessary to get my projects finished ahead of schedule. Marveen is extremely resourceful and knowledgeable and is able to make suggestions and recommendations that are extremely beneficial. Her professionalism and enthusiasm allow me to get better results than I could have envisioned.”

—Talila Kaiser
Founder and Creator of Gamelish Cards

“Marveen is always so great to work with! She has been an amazingly helpful and creative editor with my promotional writing for my Facebook business page. English is not my first language, and she has really helped me communicate exactly what I want to say while sounding inspiring, natural, and professional at the same time.”

—Inara Carvalho
Owner and Certified Yoga Instructor
Inara Vida Yoga and Wellness

“Marveen's work is priceless.”

—Mike Scheidemann
Author of Human Encounters and Fragments of an Australian Tale

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