Rates are quoted on a case-by-case basis and are determined by factors such as the service and level of editing required, the word or page count of your manuscript, and the timeline required for the project.

To find out how to get started, check out my FAQs and Resources page or email me with your questions.


Unfortunately, spell check and grammar check cannot replace the well-versed human eye when editing any writing. For instance, spell checkers cannot evaluate the context and won't flag typos such as there for their as both spellings are dictionary-correct variations. 


As a professional, experienced copyeditor, I am trained to catch errors that slip by even the most careful writers.


I will review your manuscript for:


  • spelling, capitalization, and hyphenation

  • abbreviations and acronyms

  • treatment of numbers and numerals

  • grammar, syntax, and usage

  • punctuation

  • word choice and wordiness

  • clarity and consistency

  • logic and organization

  • style guide adherence

I can also check the following materials for formatting and consistency:

  • footnotes, endnotes, bibliographies, and reference lists

  • tables, charts, graphs, lists, and illustrations

  • table of contents

  • headings

Please note: Copyediting does not include substantive, developmental, or structural editing; rewriting; fact checking; or translation. 


Do you need a final set of eyes to check over a manuscript that has been copyedited previously by a professional editor? Do you have print-ready PDF files or book proofs that need a once-over before the next step in the publishing process?

Proofreading checks for:

  • consistency between the final edited copy and proofs

  • accuracy of all manuscript sections, headings, and page numbers against the table of contents

  • punctuation, grammar, and spelling 

  • typographical and formatting errors 

  • consistency with the preferred style guide

Proofreading does not entail an exhaustive line-by-line edit. This service is appropriate for material that has already been professionally copyedited. 

Rates and Fees

Rates and fees are determined by the particular service requested, the complexity and word or page count of the material, and the degree of editorial intervention needed. 


For short projects consisting of less than 40K words, full payment of the agreed upon estimate is required before work begins. The minimum fee invoiced per project is $50.00.

For complex or larger projects, a 50% deposit, exclusive of any rush fees, is required upfront. The remaining balance may be broken down into regular interim payments if the project will extend beyond 60 days for completion. Final payment of the remaining balance due will be required before release of the edited files.   


Requests for expedited delivery (faster turnaround times than normal) require prepayment of rush fees, starting at 20% of the original estimate, in addition to the deposit. 


To establish a rate estimate for an editing or proofreading project, I will require a small sample from both the body of the text and any documentation (if any) for editing/proofreading. Short sample edits of your copy are provided upon request. Please see my FAQs and Resources page for more details.


For short projects consisting of less than 40K words, full payment of the agreed-upon estimate is required before work begins. 

For complex or larger projects, a 50% deposit, exclusive of any rush fees, is required before work begins. This prepaid deposit will guarantee that your project is confirmed on my calendar.


The amount of the deposit paid upfront will be deducted from the total remaining balance due. Final payment of the remaining balance will be required before release of the edited files.

Forms of Payment

I accept PayPal, bank transfers, and institutional checks. 

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